All about selling through Amazon Seller Flex

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  1. Ravi says:

    That was a great piece of information and is very helpful. Thank you for coming out with all this. Most sellers can now get clarity and can save quality time.

  2. Aayush Lunawat says:

    Hello Rohit,
    Thanks for the information. I was communicating with Amazon Flex team to get more details on the same. As i was moving to different location i was trying to start that location with Flex and according to its infrastructure.
    The investment what Amazon is suggesting is quite different from what you have highlighted.
    I had few doubts.
    1. Is the laptop restricted to use for Amazon purpose only?
    2. Have your sales increased because all the products are with FBA tag?
    3. What is the increase in expense per order with Flex compared to FBA ?
    4. If you deal in category with item size less than 500g, what is cost of packing and time to pack one order?

    Awaiting for your response.

  3. Rohit Singal says:

    My Amazon Seller flex was not approved as my road was not approachable. Since Amazon contacted me and went ahead with few formalities I was able to collate the data. Please contact Palash Songara
    He is the right person to contact for this information.


    Hello can anyone help me to inform that i want to start a business with amazon seller flax in himachal pradesh. Please send me information about any business. How can i start a business and what is the investment to start it. Please …….

  5. shanjana says:

    Hai Rohit Singal,             
    Your blog is a piece of great information for Amazon seller,
    In addition, You can claim or Reimburse your charges in Amazon FBA or Easy ship. But in seller flex, you cannot claim any charges.

  6. Sandeep kumar says:

    I want seller

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