Print MRP labels using your existing laser printer

Print MRP labels using existing printers.

In June 2017 the consumer affairs ministry made amendments to Legal Metrology (packaged commodities) Rules. As per the amendments e-commerce sellers have to display MRP, manufacturing date, expiry date, net quantity, country of origin and consumer care details on their products. January 1st 2018 was the date of implementation which has been pushed back to 1st February 2018.

The size in which the information has to be specified is not mentioned. Many sellers who provide box packaging post this information behind their package boxes. Canned food packed in glass jars or Aluminium have details stamped on them. Sellers who have to mention these details on existing products can do it by printing on adhesive labels. You can choose to have your own methods of printing details, here we are going to discuss on label printing.

To print labels sellers are confused as to whether they have to invest on label printers that cost about Rs10000 and above range or they can use existing set up. In this article we are showing you how you can use your existing laser printer to print MRP details on a label. This method is suitable for sellers who stock less and have an average order of 100-120. For more orders and stock it’s suggested to invest on a label printer.

Details to be printed on a label

The table below highlights the details to be printed on a label.

Mandatory Details


Name of the Product Item Name, Product Name
Name and Address of the Manufacturer In case of Imported Product, complete name and address of the Importer
Net Quantity
  • For length the unit symbol must be cm/ m.
  • For mass it must be g/ kg/ l/ ml.
  • In case net quantity is declared by number or unit the symbol should be N(refers to number of pieces in it all being the same/ similar commodity)
  • or U (refers to multiple commodities/ parts. For ex. mobile phone, charger, headset etc. willconstitute 1 U) respectively.
  • There should be a space between the quantity numeral and the symbol.
  • For ex. 100 g or 1 U.
  • The area surrounding the quantity declaration must be free from printed information, above and below by a space equal to at least the height of the numeral in the declaration, and to the left and right by a space at least equal to twice the height of the numeral in the declaration.
MRP of the Product and Amount Format
  • The MRP of the product must be declared in any one of formats illustrated below
  • Maximum Retail Price Rs. 15 10 234.50 inclusive of all taxes
  • Maximum Retail Price ₹ 15 10 234.50 inclusive of all taxes
  • The rupee value should be followed by a decimal which in turn should be followed by either ‟00‟ or the paisa value.
  • The first three digits to the left of the decimal should be grouped together and the subsequent digits should be grouped together in groups of two with single spaces between all the groups.
  • No dots or commas should be present in the gaps.
  • Usage of abbreviations of „Maximum Retail Price‟ and „inclusive‟ as „Max. Retail Price/ MRP‟ and „incl.‟ respectively is permitted.
  • In case reduction in price, revised discounted MRP sticker should not overlap/ cover the originally printed MRP and pasted separately clearly mentioning it as the reduced price.
Customer Care Office Name or person name, Address, Telepone number and email.
Dimension: (LXBXH)CM or Metre or Inches It’s case Specific and not applicable to all
1 Unit Contains It’s case Specific and not applicable to all
Date of Manufacture Month in Word and Year in Number. If Imported then Import date
Date of Expiry Applicable for perishable items only (example Food, Cosmetics and Perfumes)
Country of Origin In case of import mention the country


Selection of Printing Sheet

In a normal laser printer standard A4 size sheet is used for printing.

Novajet company provides a Self Adhesive multi-purpose labels in A4 format. The labels on each A4 sheet is divided into parts. Recommended one for printing labels is 24L or 30L. In these two sizes all information specified by the department can be squeezed in. If you wish to add more detailed information you can go for bigger sizes like 08L, 16L and 21L.

Some images for the Novajet Labels and the link to purchase it online. Click on the image for additional details and to purchase it online. You can also buy it from a local dealer near you.

NOTE: The author is not associated with Novajet in any manner. Reader of the article can choose alternate company products which might be better for printing labels.


For explanation purposes we are considering 24L size for printing.

Creating Labels

For creating labels there are various software available. If you are a Linux user you can download gLabels for free and design instantaneously. For Windows there is no free alternative. All label software are paid ones.

Thankfully you have ready MS Word templates that you can download from respective label suppliers. In case of NovaJet you can visit the following link and choose the format of label and download the template.

The following video illustrates how you can create labels and print them.

Offences & Penalties.

We recommend going through the following set of penalties if rules are not followed while printing labels.

  • Importing, selling, delivering, exposing or possessing for sale any pre-packaged commodity which on
    its package or label does not bear the details or not in the manner prescribed is punishable:

    • At first offence with a fine which may extend up to Rs. 25 000.
    • At second offence with a fine which may extend up to Rs. 50 000.
    • At subsequent office with a fine not less than Rs. 50 000 but which may extend to Rs. 1 00 000 or with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 1 year or with both.
  • Publishing non-standard units (like feet, inches, ounces, etc.) on the package or label of a pre-
    packaged commodity is punishable:

    • At first offence with a fine which may extend up to Rs. 10 000.
    • At second or subsequent offence with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 1 year, or a fine, or with both.
  • For any offence committed by a company
    • Every person who at the time the offence was committed was in charge of, and was responsible to, the company for the conduct of the business of the company.
    • The company itself, are deemed to be guilty of the offence and are liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly

Disclaimer: The data source is taken and collated from Flipkart’s Labelling Training Document.

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