Meet the sellers: The Essay King Praveen Nair

Essay King PraveenPraveen Nair also known as the Essay king is quite a popular personality among the sellers community. He is particularly appreciated for going all lengths to solve issues plaguing sellers. Not only he identifies the problem but provides resolution to them. His contribution towards creating along with Abhishek Patil is highly commendable. Also known as one man army he has knowledge of multiple domains. A techie by profession be entered the e-commerce Industry by mistake. Let’s get to know him here.

How did you get into e-commerce ?

I was searching for a good mobile cover to gift my wife along with a new mobile for her birthday. Did not find one to my liking while searching online & image search guided me to a supplier from Alibaba.  He could not ship a single piece & hence I requested him to send in bulk quantity & I thought of selling them online via eBay.  So, I thought of experimenting.  I had a couple of mobile covers & memory card that I had purchased but never used them.  They were photographed and uploaded to eBay and they sold within a couple of days.  By then, the covers from china arrived though they were found fake.  I contacted the original brand owner and they redirected me to a reseller in Chennai & that’s how I started.

I was selling quality cases from a couple of brands, which was leading to unhealthy competition from others.  So, decided to build own brand & thus FidesBox was born.  Now, it is a registered brand & selling our products under along with selling on marketplaces.

What do you expect from e-commerce ?

I started selling online as my part-time hobby rather.  So, selling online will always be my part-time hobby and I never wanted to become a full-time e-Commerce Seller.  After having experience about 4 years of experience in e-commerce domain, my focus is in providing services to sellers in a better was; I see a huge potential for IT services which can help people to grow their business online & offline. Expectancy is to learn issues faced by sellers and use best of my IT knowledge to resolve them.

Why do people call you the essay king ?

I got this name from e-commerce Seller groups.  Most of my answers to the queries raised by fellow sellers will look an essay; I always wanted to explain things in a complete & clean way in a single message. I love explaining things end to end so that people need not come back to me again for clarifying them. This results in a lot of content and a lengthy message. Hence people started using the term “Essay King”. This is something I have learned from my work culture in the IT industry & I do not have any issue in typing

Any advice to fellow sellers

  1. Calculate your expenses before you start selling on e-commerce.  It’s your hard-earned money, don’t give that away to customers & marketplaces bearing all losses by yourself.
  2. Don’t start selling for the sake of it.  And, never chase someone’s success.  Instead, chase your passion & dreams and make a business opportunity out of it.  That gives you better chance to succeed.

Tell us about FidesLoop

FidesLoop” is my dream start-up which was founded to assist businesses implementing IT in a better way.  With 12 years of experience in the IT industry & 4 years of e-commerce industry experience, I aim to provide quality services to my fellow sellers. I’m starting off with e-commerce Store Developments, SEO, Marketing etc. to help sellers & brands to build their online presence.  I always wanted to understand my client’s business in detail to help them grow better online.


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