E-commerce Multi Channel Aggregator: Part1

Which Aggregator to Choose

As a seller you sell on multiple marketplaces and maintain inventory across them.When you process orders you have to provide invoices and State specific compliance forms. You have to monitor returns and reconcile your accounts.

Selling goods through E-commerce involves multiple activities.  Luckily we have software’s that cater to these specific tasks. In this article we are going to showcase the popular tools available in market and compare them. Some of the Inventory and Order processing tools available are

Unicommerce, EasyEcom, Browntape, OMSGuru, Sellerware, Sellerplus, eVanik, DSYH

and many more.

Here we are going to compare the top four popular tools based on their order management. Most of these software offer reconciliation as well. We will look into it in our next part of the article.

Known issues with existing tools.


They were the first in the industry to come out with multi channel order management. Unicommerce has a huge seller base. They offer the most comprehensive marketplace options. In the past 1 year there have not been much changes in unicommerce in terms of marketplace addition and reconciliation. Some of the current issues faced by sellers are

  1. No payment reconciliation.
  2. Amazon connector issues where sellers have to reconfigure the channel everyday.
  3. Amazon’s MFN/FBA inventory management issue. Sellers who use unicommerce to maintain both MFN/FBA have seen issues in their inventory count.
  4. Paytm has warned sellers not to use unicommerce platform in order to process orders.

Started in 2013 their tool offers order management and reconciliation. How they stand out against other tools.

  1. All SKU’s images are fetched automatically from marketplace, thus helping in order processing.
  2. An option to process more than 200 orders in one go. Above that you can use csv file to process bulk orders.
  3. Interoperability. You can upload unicommerce order reports and EasyEcom will reconcile it for you.

Known issues

  1. No documentation on support. You need to contact them through chat or email to get even smaller issues sorted out.


They are at par with unicommercer and offer multiple marketplaces and shipping service providers.

Some of the known issues with Browntape

  1. A recent change in their inventory management has resulted in wrong updating of inventory. Out of stock products sometimes show positive inventory thus resulting in issues.
  2. The system lags a lot which results in slow order processing.


It’s a new entrant into the order management market and started in 2016. The popularity it has gathered in the short period of time is tremendous. Sellers have appreciated it’s simple to use interface.

Some of the advantages being offered over other marketplaces.

  1. Invoices/Labels/Compliance forms generated together. Compared to other tools where a lot of time is spent matching Invoices and labels, OMSGuru generated them together.
  2. Split Inventory at SKU level. You can choose to allocate more inventory to a particular marketplace.

Since it’s a relative new software there are hardly any known issues associated with it.


Find below the comparison of the four tools mentioned above. They have not been compared on common features like order processing, manifesting and few others.


* Service Tax Extra

2 points per order processing.

1 point = 1 Rupee.

Pay more to get more points for lesser amount.

Minimum 400 points per month charged.

2 Rupees Per Order.

Recharge with higher value to process orders with lesser amount.

1.15 paise per order. 2 Rupees Per Order.

Recharge with higher value to process orders with lesser amount.


Free/Trial Option

Unlimited Order processing and inventory management with free option. No Tally integration

7 Days Free Trial

7 Days Free Trial

30 Days Free Trial

Minimum Recharge

Rs 2000

Rs 5000

Rs 3000

Rs 1000



ESCAI Uniware Whatsapp Group headed by co-founder Manish and Technical Expert Kapil

Chat, Phone and Email

Mail and call

Chat and Phone

Tally Integration

Only Sales and Return



Sales and Return

Other Accounting Softwares


Busy through CSV File



Compliance Forms

Auto Generated and Auto Filled

Auto Generated and Auto Filled

Auto Generated Blank Forms not auto Filled

Auto Generated and Auto Filled

Manual Inventory/Catalogue/Order Sync





Hosted Websites

Magento, Martjack, Shopify, Kartrocket, Zepo, PrestaShop, BoxBeat and Woocommerce

Magento, Shopify, Zepo, Woocommerce

Magento, Martjack, Shopify, Kartrocket, Zepo, PrestaShop, Woocommerce


International Websites

Amazon.com, ca, es, uk, de, it, fr, jp. Ebay.com and UK

Amazon.com and UK

Amazon.com and UK, ebay.com

Not Available

Shipping Integration

30+ Indian Shipping Providers direct API Integration

API through Zepo Courier.

No Direct API.

30+ Indian Shipping Providers direct API Integration

Currently only FedEX, No Direct API

Pay With Amazon





Barcode Scanning






If there is any missing feature comparison do let us know in the comments below. Alternatively you can drop a mail to contact@ecombites.com.

Do you wish to submit your tools for comparison. Please fill our contact form here or drop us a mail.

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