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Amazon Seller Flex

Amazon Seller flex is a service by Amazon where sellers can maintain their products in their own warehouse with the perks of FBA. You get to pack and dispatch from your own location. With FBA you become a Prime seller and enjoy subsidised logistic rates.

Don’t confuse Amazon seller flex with “Amazon Flex” which is a 48 hour delivery service exclusive to USA.

This service is only by invitation. You cannot apply for it. It’s for those sellers who have huge sales volume and do not opt for FBA

Benefits of Amazon Seller Flex over FBA

  1. The inventory continues to remain at your location with FBA tag.
  2. You can freely & quickly act on a wider range of offerings for FBA, without the added cost of inbound transportation or removals.
  3. Do away with the need to get an appointment confirmation before sending your inventory.
  4. Gain the benefit of Next Day Delivery & 2 Day Delivery for all your products increasing your customer reach.
  5. The benefit of guaranteed daily pick up of your packages from your premise by the Amazon Transportation team, ensuring punctual delivery of all your packages
  6. Work only 5 days a week.
  7. FBA shipping prices apply which is much lesser than MFN Easyship.

To enrol under this service you need to invest on the following

The following table is for processing of 400 orders per day. For fewer orders the quantity for laptops and scanner change, rest remains the same.

IT Equipment Quantity Cost/Unit Total Cost
Power Backup (DG or UPS) 1 0.3 0.3
P-slip Printer (Any PDF enabled printer) 1 0.12 0.12
Laptops running Windows 7 or higher (No Linux) 4 0.3 1.2
Slam label Printer (Zebra GX 430T or TSC TTP-345) 1 0.4 0.4
Gift Card Printer (Zebra GC 420T) 1 0.2 0.2
Internet Connectivity (one time) 1 0.06 0.06
Scanner (Any barcode reader) 4 0.03 0.12
Total 2.4

Additionally you need to satisfy the following criteria

  1. Packaging has to be done only in Amazon branded packing material.
  2. 3-5 resources/people for packing products. Also if additional people are required they should be readily available.
  3. A 2000 square feet of space with racks. Documents of lease/rent. Note: The space requirements changes with product and orders.
  4. Road should be at least 20ft wide with a parking space for Canter-17ft / Tata 407- 14 ft. Check whether these vehicles are allowed in your location. For example in our area these vehicles are not allowed between 11AM to 7PM everyday.
  5. A 200 square feet area for bagging/staging of packed products.
  6. If the location is on first floor or floors above/basement service lifts should be available.

Once these criteria are satisfied Amazon executives will install software on the laptops. This software is exclusive to you and cannot be shared. You need to pack your orders before 12 PM everyday.


Is Amazon Seller Flex useful for me

If you are an offline seller then most of them have the infrastructure ready. This reduces the investment costs. If you are totally an online seller there will be additional costs of warehousing and manpower. You need to consider the additional investment. Once the dispatch of product is done you may not require the resources for the rest of the day.


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6 Responses

  1. Ravi says:

    That was a great piece of information and is very helpful. Thank you for coming out with all this. Most sellers can now get clarity and can save quality time.

  2. Aayush Lunawat says:

    Hello Rohit,
    Thanks for the information. I was communicating with Amazon Flex team to get more details on the same. As i was moving to different location i was trying to start that location with Flex and according to its infrastructure.
    The investment what Amazon is suggesting is quite different from what you have highlighted.
    I had few doubts.
    1. Is the laptop restricted to use for Amazon purpose only?
    2. Have your sales increased because all the products are with FBA tag?
    3. What is the increase in expense per order with Flex compared to FBA ?
    4. If you deal in category with item size less than 500g, what is cost of packing and time to pack one order?

    Awaiting for your response.

  3. Rohit Singal says:

    My Amazon Seller flex was not approved as my road was not approachable. Since Amazon contacted me and went ahead with few formalities I was able to collate the data. Please contact Palash Songara
    He is the right person to contact for this information.


    Hello can anyone help me to inform that i want to start a business with amazon seller flax in himachal pradesh. Please send me information about any business. How can i start a business and what is the investment to start it. Please …….

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