Meet The Sellers: The Jhand King Mayank Goyal

Jhand King Mayank

Mayank Goyal also popularly known as Jhand King is a well known personality in the field of e-commerce. He has been active member of all e-commerce forums. Always ready to provide answers to queries and going the extra mile to help fellow sellers.

As a seller I have experienced his generosity when I purchased a product from him. Also his commitment to help others was seen by me when he went exclusively on my request out of the way to get a product in another city. There are more such stories that you can find on the various forums. Let’s learn about his e-commerce journey here.

How did your e-commerce journey start ?

“It starts 3 years ago when I was talking to my cousin and he just said,

Why don’t you try online business. You have enough stock, packing arrangements and can ship products yourself. Also you have additional work space.

From the next morning I started reading articles and stories of Marketplaces. How they work and what are their policies. It had taken me almost 2 months to make a decision because I don’t take decision so fast.”

What’s your expectancy from e-commerce ?

My expectancy from e-commerce is not much high as I am an offline retailer. I always prefer to buy / sell offline as the buyers can touch and feel the product. Also we can satisfy their need and requirements for that particular product. We can also help them in understanding the product.

In e-commerce it is very hard to understand the product from the prospective of the buyer. As a seller we cannot help our buyers as some marketplaces don’t provide buyer information. All the policies of the marketplaces are anti-sellers. They are buyer-oriented and to make them happy they approve all returns. In this situation seller has to bear the loss. Seller has to take these things into consideration and quote the prices for the product which is equal or high compared to offline store.

And my golden rule is “Just Expect , Don’t over expect “ therefore my expectancy is neutral .

Where do you see Indian e-commerce in the future.

Indian e-commerce will be stable in next coming years as GST will be implemented soon. Sellers will be forced to do fair business under GST as everything will be online. Currently many sellers evade taxes and therefore doing illegal business. They are able to give additional discounts to buyers by not paying taxes. With GST it will be tough to do so and only genuine sellers will survive.

As per marketplaces policies it is very difficult to sustain. Their policies are anti-seller, commission charges are huge and logistics costs are high. Product returns in large volumes and charges levied on them are huge, resulting in very low profit margins. Now these marketplaces have come up with their own private brands in different categories which is killing third party sellers. In the near future it will be tough to sustain. According to me e-commerce will have a downward trend in the coming years.

What are the various forums you are associated with

Till date I am a part of four forums which are as follows

a) ( E-commerce Sellers Association Of India)

b) (All India Online Vendors Association)

c) Amazon Sellers Group on Facebook (closed group of around 4k members)

d) Flipkart Community Centre

The right way for approaching me for any queries is to send a message on the respective forums and I will try to answer them. Will try to help the members with my best of knowledge.

Why are you called the “Jhand” King

This question should be asked from my fellow sellers as to why they have given me this title. This started from one of the twitter campaigns started by ECSAI/ESS against Snapdeal and Flipkart. I have done Jhand of these marketplaces by tweeting , trolling and from there my fellow sellers gave me this title. From that day sellers call me using this title. This suits my personality too as I am not afraid of anyone and always try to fight for justice.

Like the famous dialogue from Gabbar – “Jo Darr Gya samjho who mar gaya”. I am not afraid of anyone. That’s why fellow sellers called me Jhand king as I have hit these marketplaces very hard many times.

Any advice for Fellow Sellers (new and old)

I have the following advice for them

  1. Always reconcile your accounts.
  2. Check your settlements before quoting/changing prices (Calculate Indirect expenses).
  3. Maintain your books of accounts properly.
  4. Don’t work with Snapdeal.
  5. Make your own website and sell through it for better peace of mind.
  6. Do good packing of products and ensure no damage occurs in transit.


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  1. Mayank having good knowledge about marketplace and its true


    Mayank’s comments/ replies/ trolling/ answering the questions always takes a smile in my face. Thanks for that Mayank bhai. Good luck keep it up

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    Hello sir, please provide me your contact details. I want to talk to you. I registered your blog but didn’t get confirmation mail. Please sir 1 baar aap se baat krni hai. Please share your contact details.

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