BhejaFry Episode2: Bride dumps Groom over e-commerce.

Bride dumps Groom over e-commerce.

Bangalore: An incident occurred in the Rajajinagar area of Bangalore where a Bride dumped the groom for selling on Indian e-commerce sites. The BhejaFry team was immediately on the news.

We first visited the Groom’s house. There we found the Groom “Mr Phasgaya” and his parents. Mr Phasgaya was consoling his mother who was continuously sobbing. We approached the Groom’s father and inquired as to why this happened. He said “Yesterday night we were enjoying ourselves and relishing the dishes in the wedding. Suddenly the bride came out carrying few papers.

She started shouting that they have been cheated. My son has been lying to her and she cannot go ahead with the marriage. The bride immediately left the marriage venue.”

We prodded him as to what the papers contained. He explained, “There were some charts and figures. Few of them contained Return reports, reconciliation data and others. It was difficult for us to understand it. The incident left us in shock and we have yet to go through the details”.

Share us the details from the beginning. How did it start ?

“It all started when my son started selling online. He first registered on Snakedil and started receiving huge orders everyday. With this encouragement we expanded to other platforms like Flopkart and Ammajan. I was really happy for him. For the first time in my life my son was achieving success. He had failed in his 10th and 12th class and hardly scraped through his bachelor’s degree.”

Pointing to a belt hanging on the wall he said, “I used this belt on him every time. Now that my son is finally standing on his feet I have no use of it.

Daily order flow was more than 200 pieces. Turnover increased every month. Sales on Snakedil was so good that within the first six months the revenue was over 1 crore. Alliances started pouring for him from everywhere. Things were going really well. I am not sure where things went wrong. Maybe my son can explain”

Mr Phasgaya looked at us as he wiped tears of his mother. He began, “the bride Ms Phataka and I met through Mr Lootgaya who was my mentor/guide for selling online. First time we met at the Mehenga Coffee day. The liking between us was instant and we said yes to each other. Over a period of time we had many meetings where I explained about my work. I introduced myself as an entrepreneur and discussed my growth success. We had even planned our honeymoon in Switzerland. Right now I am taking care of my mother and will look into her allegations soon”

Having heard their side of the story we could not figure out the reason for the dumping.

We approached Ms Phataka for her side of the story.

When we reached their residence we found a huge queue outside. The entire queue were carrying bags from various marketplaces. We pushed ahead and reached the entrance. There we found Ms Phataka’s parents giving parcels to the people in the queue. On the other side the bride was busy on her phone having heated discussion with her friends.

Her father was busy handing packages. We inquired as to why there was such a huge queue.

He said “We are returning all the products we had ordered for the marriage. Mr Freemila is a good friend who had suggested us to buy everything online and could be returned with Easy Return Policy.”

He showed us a lehenga and said “This lehenga was ordered from worth Rs 70000”. Nearby the maid was washing some clothes. Ms Phataka’s father approached her and asked for his old lungi. He then placed the lungi inside nayantara’s parcel and handed it over to the courier guy.

“We have a lot of parcels to return. Why don’t you speak to my daughter” he said pointing to Ms Phataka.

Ms Phataka’s Story

She was on call for the next 3 hours. Finally when her phone battery drained out we were able to grab her attention. We spoke about our conversation with Mr Phasgaya’s family and asked the reason for her extreme step. She said “Mr Phasgaya is a cheat. He said he was an entrepreneur and was minting millions. It started when I ordered a product from him through Ammajan. It never arrived. Not only that the ALS (Ammajan Long Story) guy said that my address is undeliverable and returned it.  The next time once again the product was returned stating I rejected it. When I met him the next time I inquired as to what happens to the returns. He became a bit uncomfortable and started talking about our honeymoon”

“I grew suspicious and ordered from Snakedil this time. The product arrived and I returned it by placing a gift inside it. In our next meeting I asked him about it. He just said what gift. This confirmed my suspicion. I contacted my ex-boyfriends at HardECom and NoBoniWare. I reconciled his data and realised that there were more than 5000 parcels of snakedil missing. Flopkart had deducted double the amount on his returns and he was paying the losses from his pockets. Ammajan had suspended his account twice. To cover these losses he had taken up loans from marketplaces themselves and was in deep debt.”

“By the time I could figure these out the marriage was upon us”

“Now that I have dumped him I am free. My ex-boyfriends at HardEcom are service providers and make money irrespective of marketplaces. I am planning to get back with them and get on with my life”

Now that we had both sides of the story it was time to approach the marketplaces.

Flopkart and Snakedil’s office

Flopkart said, “There are lot of products for which we charge both side logistics and commissions. If the sellers feel they have been charged wrongly they can always raise SPH (Saara Paisa Humara) claim. Under this claim we make sellers raise issues and then finally close in our favour. Sometimes we do feel pity and do pay the sellers but those are exceptional cases.”

As per the statement of Snakedil “This is an ongoing issue and we have a solution to resolve it. We have tried selling everything from mutual funds to insurances and nothing worked for us.

Soon we are launching our matrimonial service where grooms who have been dumped, due to our platform, get the highest preference. This will help us not only attract more sellers but hopefully we will sell something. Even our new branding closebox zindagi has not helped us.”

Back to Mr Phasgaya

We were back to Mr Phasgaya’s place and shared all our details with the entire family. After listening to us Mr Phasgaya’s father walked towards the wall and picked up the belt. In order to avoid his wrath we quickly ran out of the exit. As we were coming out we could hear shrieks of pain from the house.


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