BhejaFry Episode1: Employee Quits Job & leads a Lavish Life!


Bhejafry: Employee Quits Job & leads a Lavish Life!

Bangalore: Recently, Mr. FreeMila quit his high paying job in a reputed IT company. After quitting he neither applied for a new one nor is working towards starting a start-up which is the norm. His friends have recently seen a change in his lifestyle and wonder how he is able to afford it. The BhejaFry team approached FreeMila to understand this recent change.

When we visited FreeMila he was spending his free time in his 5 bedroom apartment with the family. We observed that he had all the latest gadgets from 360 degree cameras to virtual headsets and a 72 inch television. We could not contain ourselves and inquired about it. FreeMila explained “The mundane job was boring. Was slogging from 9-5 and with CRR rating of 2 and had no promotion for past 5 years. Literally fed up and was planning to quit. Finally with the help of Indian e-commerce I was able to leave my job”

As we were speaking to him, delivery boys from SnakeDil walked in and picked up the 72 inch television and replaced it with 90 inch. FreeMila said,

The TV is 3 weeks old so decided to change it with a bigger one.

We were astonished and asked how he could afford these luxuries. He smiled and said, Easy Return Policy. He further explained, “It’s simple I use the product for 3 weeks and when the return period of 30 days is about to expire replace it with a new one.

World of opportunity

“It all started when my wife wanted a Saree worth Rs 3000 for her brother’s marriage. She had recently started shopping on-line and I was reluctant to pay such a huge price. I was informed by her of the easy return policy. She said not only is she going to use it for her brother’s marriage but also could wear the same for her friend Mrs Puchi’s dog’s birthday and return it back after 3 weeks. We could save on the dry cleaning as well”

After seeing Mrs FreeMila carrying out the return so easily a world of opportunities opened up for me. We started ordering for all our Family functions from SnakeDil, Jhabhang and Tmazon. My relatives and friends were awed with our fashion sense and we were able to wear new clothes on every occasion.

School and Daily Expenses

When we inquired how were they taking care of day to day expenses like school fees, groceries and others. Mrs FreeMila replied “School Fees was easy, we ordered 7 laptops from FlopKart and returned them with Bricks inside. FlopKart refunded us the same day the product was picked up and no questions asked. My husband sold it to his friends at his old IT Firm at a discounted price and with that money we paid the fees. We order new school uniforms and shoes every week and return the old ones.”

I don’t like washing them, getting new ones is easy. They also get to play with new toys every week.

As we were discussing this their son dropped his PSP and broke the screen, Mrs FreeMila gave a sigh picked her phone and clicked on the return option of the PSP by selecting “Damage goods received”  and then continued, “For the groceries SmallBasket offers Rs 500 discount on every 5000 Rs of product purchase for first time registration. We have more than 200 email ID’s which we use to order products and create new ones everyday. The discount that we get, we easily make money on it by selling the product to our neighbors. Whenever we have guests at our home we order food from FoodMonkey. You have to just place the order and cancel it and still FoodMonkey will deliver it”

Travelling Expenses

When asked how they take care of travelling  expenses Mr FreeMila explained “We have a network of 100 users called Lola Looto network whenever we take a Lola cab ride we threaten the cab driver with 100 negative ratings and feedback and then he refuses to charge us. The LLN (Lola Looto Network) membership fees in only 50 Rs per month”

With all the things covered up we bid goodbye to Mr FreeMila and his family. He booked a lola cab for us and told us we need not pay for our ride. We thanked him for his generosity.


Details of our finding was shared with SnakeDil and they said,

We are aware of such practices and have nothing to loose as all expenses are borne by the seller. Only the facilitation of buying and selling between a seller and buyer is done by us. In case a return is made we just deduct the commission and other fees like courier and listing charges.

Mr LootGaya

After recording these statements we were still figuring out on whose costs are people like FreeMila enjoying. To get the details we visited the nearest on-line seller who sells electronics on popular platforms. Upon approaching his office we found a mountain of packed products. We could not find Mr Lootgaya, the owner of the office and approached his staff who were busy playing with Table tennis rackets. When we enquired about the owner they said “Mr Lootgaya was very disturbed with so many returns” they pointed to the mountain of packed parcels. “We get these many returns everyday and sometimes we get other products also. We received these Table Tennis rackets for a mobile phone that we had sent”. When enquired where Mr Lootgaya was he said “Yesterday he ordered one Rope, a Stool and a Fan from SnakeDil.

I understand the fan is required as it’s summer but don’t know what he wanted to do with the rope and the stool.

He also said that it will be used only once and that we could return it back to SnakeDil with Easy Return policy!


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